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perpetually unimpressed.
February 2007

von jones
Date: 2007-02-19 10:34
Subject: some folks are still upset
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the brazilian girls show... was the most amazing thing of my whole life.  seriously.  it was the perfect hybrid of a completely orchestrated show that offers plenty of visual entertainment (e.g. your bigger pop stars like madonna) and the totally relaxed mood of a small intimate show (e.g. any one of those bland forgettable indie rock bands that you guys are dying to see in the back of some shithole bar.)  the band member musicians themselves were very chill, very complacent...  not too crazy about the dude with the dreads, but i'm willing to look past that, as the songs are amazing... and sabina?  jesus christ, what can i even say about that bitch??  i swear to god she was seven feet tall in a gold sleeveless cat suit with monster heels.  and monster bangs.

i'm normally not good at shows, because i don't care.  why do i need to sit still and watch some dudes play an instrument?  i've got the cd.  i can listen to your tracks while i'm doing something to entertain myself in the meantime.  but the frontwoman from the brazilian girls - she has stage presence.  she has energy, she has pizzazz, she's got that je ne sais quoi.  and fucking sex appeal - that bitch was slinking around the stage, muttering breathless phrases in french and italian and german and i just melted. 

didn't even stick around to see ladytron.  no one even cares.  BRAZILIAN GIRLS 4 LIFE.

i love the fact that i get to go to starbucks™ in the morning, chat with the lady baristas (who know me by name), and tell 'em to put an extra shot in my latte "because it's monday".  working stiff chic.

and to all of you jokers with the day off?  fuck yo couch.  meanwhile, george washington spends all this time fathering a nation, and he's sharing the third monday with lincoln and a white sale?  what a send-off.  here's some donut holes.  happy schmappy.

shame of the weekend: i was mistaken for an old navy employee.  *chills*  why was i there in the first place?  well, i'm not going to name any names...  although, you should note that why i fear for my life going into any gap corporation retailer, i have no qualms over shopping through hot topic.

surprise of the weekend: running into piq @ brazilian girls / ladytron.  "running into" = "kicking in the back of the leg".

find of the weekend: $5 sunglasses (j!d!m! approved) @ forever 21.  apparently, i am above nothing.

resurrection of the day: dropping lj user tags.  back in business.

i have two more episodes of lost to watch before i'm officially caught up and ready for all new (!!!) episode on wednesday.  the good news is that i have the next two wednesdays off from mary's, so i can watch my stories (!!!) as soon as they drop.  the bad news?  i can't say the same for anddreamofsheep; he will be otherwise pre-occupied.

note: i will soon be getting tattoos that are homages to both lost and the brazilian girls.  you think i'm joking.

songs that i'm listening to on repeat right now:
• the knife, "marble house"
• ghostface featuring raekwon, "kilo"
• meiko kaji, "urami bushi"
• planningtorock, "think that thought"
• destiny's child, "bug a boo"
• madonna, "forbidden love"
• brazilian girls, all of that shit
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von jones
Date: 2007-02-15 14:38
Subject: in lieu of a prettier face, we have you.
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the last time that i had an itch to update my livejournal and actually did it?  was a year ago.
slightly creepy slightly hitchcockianesque.  jarod, you've become too formulaic in your old age.

the reason for the re-boot, as it was before, was to return to a more pensive and thoughtful state.
i'll see if that works; or if it lasts.

can help but notice that this also seems to be my prime season for purchasing old todd oldham pieces off of ebay.
when the sun is in aquarius?

and, truthfully... i want to talk about lost.
i need help.

let's discuss:
• dr. jack = hot.  sometimes he's too goody-goody, but always hot.  and to think, we missed him completely on party of five.  scott wolf was holdin' ya back.
• desmond = hotter than dr. jack.  the accent, the nose, the hair, and the excessive drinking win out EVERY TIME.
• michael = you should die.  fuck yo' couch.
• libby = what the fuck?!  we're never gonna get to find out how crazy that bitch actually was.
• mr. eko = samuel l. jackson looks like a pussy.
• charlie + claire = stop whining.  i don't care.
• boone = please come back.  you were our only hope for a gay character.  i don't care if you slept with your stepsister; my love is forgiving! it's not too late to be a homosexual!
*note: this also applies to paul rudd in the film 'clueless'.  thanks.

and, yes.  that was a good venting session.  tomorrow, i get "4 8 15 16 23 42" stamped on my forehead.
i want to start a lost discussion group.  support group? group therapy?  yeh.

i've been so engrossed that i haven't bothered to watch a single episode of top design.
cousin toddie is gonna be so mad.

in other news, helpful hints featured on google.com: a day late and a dollar short.
not that i need any help in that department, mind you...  as i've been told repeatedly.
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von jones
Date: 2005-09-08 15:21
Subject: (no subject)
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i recently accompanied gena* to the petting zoo. the trip was less disneyesque than i had anticipated. *sigh*.

and now for something completely different.

les Citoyens de la TristesseCollapse )

*see also: La Bellucci, Mimo, very merry ungirlfriend, Mad Madam Mims
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von jones
Date: 2005-08-26 16:52
Subject: (no subject)
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why didn't someone remind me that this was tonite?

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von jones
Date: 2005-08-18 22:34
Subject: (no subject)
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von jones
Date: 2005-08-17 20:02
Subject: (no subject)
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HI i am so lovely and i give you these wallpapers thank you i love you all.

thank you stfu.
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von jones
Date: 2005-08-15 22:20
Subject: (no subject)
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awesome! i now have supernature in its entirety!

eh, i'll listen to it later.
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von jones
Date: 2005-08-15 10:23
Subject: (no subject)
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last friday @ azul - 4th annual "elvis is dead" soiree.


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von jones
Date: 2005-08-14 21:53
Subject: (no subject)
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i posted this rant about new goldfrapp material in goldfrapp. basically i wanted monsterparty to read it, cause i noticed she unsubbed. but who can believe i didn't get shit from any of faggot pieces of shit with a boner for black cherry? also, darling belen, one of the members of the community mentioned in a comment recently that he/she wished he/she could see will gregory naked in the shower. ew.

so i had the itch to starting tivo-ing syndicated episodes of the nanny on lifetime, since i hadn't really seen any in a while. that was thursday. and friday? PAY OFF. the most desired* episode ever aired and was recorded on friday. i'm talking about the episode guest starring shari lewis and lambchop. omg bitchy sock puppets are so hott right now. now if only the episode with cousin toddie will hit, i'll be rich like a hott muthafuckin noise.

would anyone slightly chuckle if i mentioned that i was humming "the good ones" today while picking up a can of kilz primer @ lowe's? any takers?

*okay, maybe i'm the only person alive who desires it, but trust me, i've got enough desire for the whole damn universe, baby.

sacajaweacuntface says, "i loves it!" **BUZZ** i'm sorry, that is incorrect.

[edit] OKAY - i am starting a lj for wretched myspace profiles RIGHT NOW.

[edit #2] shit, girlvinyl beat me to it. everyone join myspacedrama now. now, damn it, now.
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von jones
Date: 2005-08-12 19:49
Subject: (no subject)
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Hey Kellie, you wanna watch this new Leslie & the LY's music video?
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